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Microsoft Is Building Its Own AI Hardware With Project Brainwave
Project Brainwave, detailed in a Microsoft Research blog post, builds on the company's previously disclosed field programmable gate array (FPGA) chips, with the goal of making real-time AI processing a reality. These chips are exciting to techies ...
Microsoft built a hardware platform for real-time AIEngadget
Microsoft Brainwave aims to accelerate deep learning with FPGAs ...TechCrunch
Microsoft shows off Brainwave 'real-time AI' platform on FPGAs | ZDNetZDNet
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Microsoft launches a new archival storage option for Azure
Microsoft introduced a new storage option for its Azure cloud computing platform in preview today: the Azure Archive Blob Storage. This will give developers a cheaper alternative for the long-term storage of large amounts of archival data like logs ...

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Xbox Live Is Down As Microsoft Scrambles For A Fix
Perhaps if Microsoft's support team just turns it on and off again all will be resolved. Hitting Xbox Live a couple times (not too hard, of course) might also provide a fix. Or blowing into it, assuming Xbox Live is cartridge based, could help. I'm ...
Xbox Live is down -- Microsoft is working on a fix (updated: it's back ...VentureBeat
Xbox Live down: Xbox One status hit by new crashing errors

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The Register

Microsoft spikes GigJam collaboration tool before it leaves Preview
The Register
Microsoft has spontaneously and ephemerally killed GigJam, a collaboration tool it billed as empowering “people with a co-working mindset” to “spontaneously and ephemerally involve others in your work.” Redmond only revealed the GigJam preview in ...
Microsoft is killing its wildest work-sharing experiment before it even really had a chanceMarkets Insider
Microsoft to cease work on its GigJam collaboration service | ZDNetZDNet
Microsoft retires its GigJam collaboration app after public preview ...OnMSFT (blog)
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Windows 10 tip: Keep your Microsoft account secure and private
Check this page frequently to spot any attempts to access your account. Click to enlarge. Signing in to Windows 10 with a Microsoft account allows you to easily sync settings and files between devices. It's not mandatory (you can sign in using a local ...
Microsoft won't pre-load Windows installation files without consent ever againTechRadar

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Microsoft, Oracle Jump Into Blockchain On Same Day -- And Microsoft Is Clear Leader
CLOUD WARS -- Enterprise-tech heavyweights Oracle and Microsoft each jumped into the red-hot market for blockchain digital technology on the very same day, and one of them looks fully prepared (that would be Microsoft) while the other looks like it's ...

Seattle Times

Microsoft reaches tax deal with Australia
Seattle Times
Microsoft says it has settled an Australian tax audit, a deal that follows criticism of the company's practice of lowering its local tax payments by routing sales made to Australian customers through Singapore. The settlement was disclosed by Daniel ...
Microsoft, Apple cough up MEEELLIONS after Australian tax auditsThe Register

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The Register

Microsoft, Red Hat in cross-platform container and .Net cuddle
The Register
Microsoft's long enmity towards Linux means deals like this can still feel a little unreal. But this deal makes good sense because plenty of VMs in Azure run Linux, so Microsoft deepening its relationship with Red Hat means Azure customers can enjoy ...
Expect big data doings at upcoming Microsoft Ignite conferenceTechTarget
Microsoft teams up with Red Hat to bring Windows Server containers to OpenShiftTechCrunch
Microsoft, Red Hat extend their partnership with container supportZDNet
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Microsoft is fixing a simple reason why voice assistants are so bad
Microsoft, whose virtual assistant Cortana operates on Windows and as a cross-platform mobile app, is trying to smarten up our dumb bots by making a new dataset available to the public, letting future AI analyze how humans would do the same tasks that ...

Walmart Should Merge With Microsoft to Blow Away Amazon: REWIND
I had just finished reading the remarkable Microsoft conference call transcript, the one that showed me that Azure, the company's cloud business, is giving Amazon Web Services a genuine run for the money. I read it twice to be sure that it could be as ...

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